“Hard work is often the easy work you did not do at the proper time.” Bernard Metzler

As 2012 rolled in I knew I didn’t want to write out a formal list of “to do’s”

………… but I am taking stock of my life and tweaking things.

 A little challenge to myself to be better at life in general.

 A tune up if you will.

 I am in the process of several tweaks which include the following:

 I started tracking my spending for a month– every day…every amount.  I did not spend any money if I didn’t need to.

 I am amazed at what I spend in a day. 


 I have found that as I track what I spend I am less apt to buy. 

 I am learning a lot about my spending habits and places where I can tighten my purse strings.

 I did not spend money on anything last month except the following:

 yoga classes (1 a week)


 beer and wine if needed

 veterinary needs- I have 3 dogs and 4 cats

 Yeah- if that sounds hard trust me it is!!!!!!!

 I did not cruise etsy.

 I did not downloaded any new music or books.

 I did not send friends/family gifts (I had already bought my niece and nephews their Vday gifts in late December so those will go out!).

 I stayed away from my go to places- brick and mortar and online: Ann Taylor/William Sonoma/Garnet Hill/Home Goods/TJ Maxx/Marshalls.

 In general I had the attitude that less is more and with less I will have more (money-room-time-breathing space)

 I  cooked more!

 I have been a subscriber to Food and Wine Magazine for over two years now.

 I never made one of the dishes featured in the magazine.

 I know.  So stupid!

 Going forward I am going to make at least one of the featured recipes and try at least one of the suggested wines.

 I made the following dish from the December issue:

 Warm Quinoa salad with carrots and grilled chicken


 Suggested wine for this dish:

Spiced black cherry inflected Pinot Noir: 2008 Cambria Julia’s Vineyard


 I continued to take better care of myself :

 I work out three times a week and practice yoga once a week.

 I can say that in December I was  phoning in my gym workouts by not upping the weights and skipping out of my cardio 10 minutes earlier than I should.

 No longer.  I pushed myself to do my best.

 My yoga practice helps me feel centered and whole.

 I plan on getting to the mat at least once a week for the rest of my life. A lofty goal I realize but yoga is so worth it. 

 If you haven’t tried yoga I highly suggest it.

 Check out this article to get an idea of the major health benefits yoga provides.


 Well so much for me not making a list of my “to do’s”!!! 

 January was spent practicing the items on the list above and I am bringing them into February. 

 They are part of my routine now. 

 It feels good going into the second month of the New Year still energized and focused. 

 Tweaking can do that.

 I plan on doing more tweaking in other areas in the coming months!

 How about you?

 Hard work is often the easy work you did not do at the proper time……….think about it.

 Today I am gratefulevermore for:

learning ways to avoid the hard work……..


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